The human brain may ironically be one of the hardest thing for humans to understand and explain. It’s honestly quite fascinating to me how a bunch of electrical pulses firing off in a squishy membrane can achieve so much. One of the biggest secrets of the brain is the intricacies of dreams. I didn’t want to dive too deep into the rabbit hole of psychology but I settled for trying to understand what causes dreams via the internet. There appears to be a multitude of causes which all seem to be educated speculation more than anything. Regardless, some causes include: memory processing, representing unconscious desires, and training cognitive abilities. The most interesting cause I found was identified by the PubMed website which says that dreams “simulate threatening events”. Experimenters even formed and tested a hypothesis that children who live in more threatening environments experience threat simulation dreams more often. I hope that even more experiments are performed regarding the human brain and its various secrets.




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Government Holidays and Labor Day

There are quite a few government holidays that I tend to take for granted. Government holidays really end up being days that I happen to not go to school, which I feel goes against the entire concept of a holiday. Why do I get to celebrate by sleeping in on this particular day? Doesn’t not knowing what a holiday is for defeat the purpose of a holiday? I determined to figure out the purpose of one particular holiday that I have nearly no knowledge of: Labor Day. Using the internet I found a very amusing description from our very own U.S. Department of Labor website. According to them Labor Day “celebrates and honors the greatest worker in the world – the American worker.” Just the right amount of slightly inappropriate patriotism I would expect for our dear government. Apparently, Labor Day is just as simple as the name implies, it celebrates labor and working people. Before I did this research I thought the holiday was in some way associated with the Labor Party but I was off by quite a bit there. I’m glad the next time Labor Day rolls around that instead of sleeping in I’ll know to don my coal miner’s hat and shuffle off to spend my day in the mines.

Source: https://www.dol.gov/general/laborday/history

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Dyslexia is a rather foreign concept to someone like me, who has found reading easy and enjoyable for most of his life. My first introduction to it was in the book The Lightning Thief, where the protagonist suffered from it. It was described as a condition where words looked scrambled or out of order and allowed the protagonist to read Greek if I recall correctly. I sat here in my chair thinking and decided that I wanted to figure out what dyslexia is really like for a person by using the internet. Apparently, there are many symptoms a dyslexic person can experience from words being scrambled, words being out of order (nice going Riordan), or having difficulty distinguishing from similar letters. According to the Kids Health website, “the main problem in dyslexia is trouble recognizing phonemes”, which are the “basic sounds of speech (the “b” sound in “bat” is a phoneme, for example)”. Essentially this means that a dyslexic person would have trouble associating written words with sounds. I’m actually a little surprised that The Lightning Thief didn’t completely butcher the concept so I tip my metaphorical hat to them. Regarding dyslexia itself and my learning, I feel enlightened.

Source: https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/dyslexia.html

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Hey everybody! Ethan here, just wanted to say thanks for checking out my site!

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